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DuraVision Convex Mirror Systems

DuraVision allows you to view difficult to see areas through an extensive range of acrylic, polycarbonate and stainless steel mirrors. They are impact and UV resistant, and the advanced mirror and shaping techniques we use ensure a reflection that gives clear, undistorted images. DuraVision mirrors range from domes to convex wall or post-mounted styles and are ideal to monitor a difficult or hazardous area, allow safe movement of people or product around sites and provide extra visibility in difficult to see areas.

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Video: DuraVision Unbreakable Mirrors Test

Inspection Mirror
DuraVision telescopic inspection mirrors are durable, lightweight and easy to use. Available in 150mm or 230mm diameter mirror size, suitable for viewing into small gaps between pallets and cartons when completing container biosecurity checks.
The telescopic handle is also available in two sizes, the larger model can extend up to 2 meters Ideal for the inspection of shipping containers and checking for structural damage on imported vehicles. The optional base light is adjustable so you can view into any low lit areas.


Installation Guides
installation guides

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