Inspection Convex Mirrors

DuraVision™ inspection convex mirrors are especially designed for vehicle searches and security inspections to identify bio security risks, stow aways, hidden explosives, weapons or drugs.

Inspection Convex Mirror

Portable Inspection Mirrors

DuraVision™ portable inspection mirrors are durable, lightweight and easy to use, suitable for most inspection applications. The telescopic handle is available in two sizes, the larger model can extend up to 2 meters.

Lookunder Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Lookunder Vehicle Inspection Mirrors

DuraVision™ lookunder inspection mirrors are designed for rolling under vehicles and large objects to view and inspect areas which are difficult to see underneath. The four castor wheels allow the mirror to be easily positioned as required while the extra deep convex mirror ensures a maximum viewing area.

Inspection Mirror Accessories

Base Lights and Top Torch Mounts help to improve the performance of the Inspection and Vehicle Inspection mirror range in darker environments.