Garage Parking Mirror

Garage Parking Mirror

The NEW Garage Parking Mirror will ultimately improve visibility and safety for narrow parking areas in home garages and parking buildings. With just a quick glance up at the wall mounted convex mirror, a driver can see their absolute alignment in real time, enabling quick adjustments for side mirrors and roof clearance, effectively avoiding damage to vehicles and building structures. These acrylic safety mirrors also allow drivers to check for pedestrians including small children when navigating through tight parking spaces. Easy to install, with very little maintenance and no ongoing costs.


  • 2mm Convex Acrylic Mirror Face
  • Vacuum metalized using 99% pure aluminium
  • Wide angle reflection for driver to see clearance
  • Complete with Dome Capped Screws for attaching to a wall.


Product Code Size Diameter Mirror Face Holes Hardware
20160 600mm 2mm Acrylic 2 x 5mm Dome Capped Screws