Outdoor Convex Mirrors

Outdoor Convex Mirrors

DuraVision™ outdoor convex mirrors can significantly improve road safety by optimising your field of vision on blind corners, tight bends, awkward or concealed entrances, exits and car parks. The impact resistant acrylic mirrors or unbreakable stainless steel mirrors allow you to emerge safely from driveways, turn confidently at intersections and reduce the possibility of collision. Convex mirrors are also a great way to increase security and surveillance around buildings, checkpoints and private driveways. Weather resistant acrylic convex mirrors are ideal for sheltered outdoor areas, garages and driveways. Unbreakable stainless steel convex mirrors are specially designed for tough outdoor conditions in car parks and on roads and highways which are vulnerable to weather and vandalism.

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Heavy Duty Acrylic Convex Mirror

Heavy Duty Acrylic Convex Mirrors

The weather resistant heavy duty acrylic convex mirror is versatile and robust and will handle many industrial and traffic situations. Complete with a fully adjustable wall mounting bracket (optional pole mounting accessories are available) which is easy to install and allows the mirror to be angled in the most effective position.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Convex Mirror

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Convex Mirror

The unbreakable stainless steel Heavy Duty convex mirror is ideal in situations where vandalism is a problem. This tough and durable mirror can withstand hard knocks in industrial situations or where projectile objects, such as rocks, are an issue.

Outdoor DeLuxe Half Dome

The Outdoor DeLuxe Half Dome Mirror is designed for driveway safety when a driver needs to see both left and right before exiting a building to avoid collisions. The lightweight vinyl back and lid is sealed to enclose the cavity and to withstand weather.

Outdoor Rectangular Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Convex Mirror

Rectangular Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Convex Mirror

The highly polished stainless steel rectangular mirror face is unbreakable and can withstand vandalism as well as accidental contact from machinery and vehicles etc. Complete with a fully adjustable galvanized steel J-Bracket, making the entire mirror weather proof and rust free.

Outdoor DeLuxe Acrylic Convex Mirror

Outdoor Deluxe Acrylic Convex Mirror

The Deluxe acrylic convex mirror is scientifically designed to optimise a drivers field of vision and minimise distance distortions making this model ideal for traffic and road situations. The shallower curve of the mirror face means you can observe high speed traffic much more safely.

Outdoor DeLuxe Stainless Steel Convex Mirror

Outdoor Deluxe Stainless Steel Convex Mirror

The unbreakable DeLuxe stainless steel convex mirror is tough and durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The shallower curve of the mirror face means you can observe high speed traffic much more safely without risk of damage from projectile objects such as rocks or vandalism. The Deluxe model can be strategically positioned anywhere a driver's field of vision is obstructed, such as blind corners, a concealed entry or exit and hard to see intersections.

Rectangular Stainless Steel DeLuxe Convex Mirror

Rectangular Deluxe Stainless Steel Convex Mirror

The Deluxe Stainless Steel Rectangle mirror has a galvanized steel back and hood and is powder coated in traffic orange for enhanced visibility. The stainless steel face is virtually unbreakable and makes it ideal in traffic situations where vandalism or projectile objects are a problem.

Outdoor Pro Series Rectangular Mirror Range

Outdoor Pro Series Rectangular Convex Mirrors

Designed specifically for use in traffic applications, the Pro Series boasts many unique advantages. The scientifically engineered radius of curvature plus the visibility enhancing red reflective markings equals the most effective road safety mirror available.

Pro Series Circular Convex Mirror

Outdoor Pro Series Circular Convex Mirror

When a high visibility, general purpose traffic mirror with a superior image is required, the Pro Series Circular mirror is the ideal choice. In addition the back is made from a 100% UV stabilised advanced plastic composite, ensuring superior longevity and strength.

Pool Observation Mirrors

The pool observation mirror range can significantly improve safety around community swimming pools by assisting lifeguards with their observation and safety checks of hard to see areas.

Stainless Steel Wall Dome Photo

Stainless Steel Wall Dome

The Unbreakable wall mounted dome gives 180 degrees of vision and is ideal for preventing surprise attacks and collisions in vandal prone areas. The highly polished stainless steel face will resist repeated blows. This mirror works best in areas such as subways and rail platforms, underpass locations, underground corridors and in multi-storey car parks and if attacked with graffiti or spray paint, this can be easily removed with solvents

Portable Mirror with Stand photo

Portable Mirror With Stand

The Portable Workshop Convex Mirror is lightweight and easy to position in automotive workshops and vehicle testing stations. The high visibility surround makes it stand out for safe handling. An easy, safe way to check headlamps, indicators and break lamps on vehicles.