Food and Production Line Mirrors

Companies with production lines understand the need to maximise efficiency. Gaining high efficiency often requires substantial process redesign, resulting in significant investments in time and money. DuraVision™ convex mirrors can help minimise the need for these redesign measures. By installing DuraVision™ production line mirrors, processes can be effectively monitored, reducing production costs, bottlenecks, and workplace accidents. DuraVision™ has a customised solution for the food processing industry with the F Series and V Series mirrors. The DuraVision™ F and V series mirrors meet the stringent food processing hygiene and safety criteria, such as those prescribed by 3A Hygiene Standards.

F Series Stainless Steel Food Production Line Mirrors

De Luxe F Series Stainless Steel Food Production Line Mirrors

Where hygiene and durability are crucial the DuraVision™ F Series offers you the ideal process monitoring solution. This mirror is made entirely of Stainless Steel, and will withstand the harshest environmental conditions and cleaning regimes.

Standard V Series Food Production Line Mirror

Standard V Series Acrylic Food Production Line Mirrors

The impact resistant acrylic face of this food production line mirror makes it ideal for monitoring processes, reducing production costs, bottlenecks and workplace accidents.

Rectangular L Series Production Line Mirrors

Rectangular L Series Production Line Mirrors

For overhead observation of process lines and container inspection the DuraVision™ L Series mirrors provides the ideal solution. This range of flat acrylic mirrors, laminated to a rigid substrate for strength and image clarity, can be suspended or mounted directly on ceilings or walls to provide optimal viewing.

Stainless Steel Wall Dome Photo

Stainless Steel Food Grade Wall Dome

The Unbreakable wall mounted dome gives 180 degrees of vision and is ideal for preventing surprise attacks and collisions in vandal prone areas. The highly polished stainless steel face will resist repeated blows. This mirror works best in areas such as subways and rail platforms, underpass locations, underground corridors and in multi-storey car parks and if attacked with graffiti or spray paint, this can be easily removed with solvents