Learn To Swim Pool Mirror

Learn To Swim Pool Mirror

This water tight acrylic mirror face is a great teaching aid for swim instructors and can help young children of all ages learn to swim and gain confidence in the water. For many young children, learning to float on their back and put their head under water can be scary but with the Learn To Swim Mirror, lessons are fun and less frightening when they can see their own reflection. The aluminium composite back (ACM) and vinyl surround means the mirror is light and easy to handle in the water.



  • Impact Resistant Acryic Face
  • Available in 200mm and 400mm Diameter Size
  • Lightweight Material
  • Sealed Vinyl Surround
  • Easy Maintenance and Storage



Product Code Size Diameter Mirror Face Mirror Back
18222 200mm 2mm Acrylic Painted
18240 400mm 2mm Acrylic 4mm ACM



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