Indoor Convex Mirrors

Indoor Convex Mirrors

DuraVision™ indoor convex mirrors are probably the most cost effective and powerful deterrent available against shoplifting and collisions in the workplace. DuraVision™’s exstensive range of round and dome shaped mirrors are specially designed for indoor surveillance and observation. By eliminating blind spots and hard to see areas convex mirrors allow staff or store security to constantly and inconspicuously monitor customers or visitors. They help to prevent accidents in warehouses, garages or busy corridors and they reduce security risks in shared residential buildings, receptions or retail environments. The standard range and space saver range of convex mirrors come complete with a fully adjustable bracket which is designed to give you the best optimal angle for viewing specific areas. For wide angle viewing the DuraVision™ ceiling dome mirrors, wall dome mirrors and corner dome mirrors are ideal in open areas above aisles and shelving.

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Indoor Standard Convex Mirror

Indoor Standard Convex Mirrors

The indoor standard convex mirror will adjust to any angle to allow optimal line of sight. The standard acrylic can be positioned to view machinery or to see around corners and partitions in corridors and hallways. It is also ideal in warehouses, hospitals or any other interior situation where blind spots are present.

Indoor Space Saver Convex Mirror

Indoor Space Saver Convex Mirrors

This more discrete mirror can be used where a less visually intrusive method of surveillance is required. The rectangle shaped Space Saver Mirror is also ideal in buildings with low ceilings. With no back it is lightweight and easy to install.

Indoor Economy Flush Fit Mirrors

The Economy Flush Fit Wall Mirror is a cost effective way to achieve a wide area view of an entire room. This compact design can be screwed flat against the wall, making this a more suitable option when there is little room for brackets to extend. The specially designed curve gives maximum reflection without distortion.

Indoor DeLuxe Flush Fit Mirror

The DeLuxe Flush Fit Wall Mirror is a non-intrusive way to achieve a wide area view of an entire room. This compact design can be mounted flat against the wall and the grey PVC surround and ACM back provides a more formal appearance in office situations. The specially designed curve gives maximum reflection without distortion.

Indoor Dome Convex Mirror

Indoor Full Dome Mirrors

The Ceiling Dome is probably the most effective surveillance method and deterrent to retail theft due to its large 360° area of reflection. In retail areas, when strategically placed, domes can be positioned above aisles and junctions for wide area surveillance and can even be used in some areas with ceiling hung banners.

Indoor Half Dome Convex Mirror

Indoor Half Dome Mirrors

This wall-mounted mirror is particularly effective to see 180° at T-Intersections allowing vision left and right at the end of corridors and retail aisles. The Half Dome is wall mounted and is very useful for store surveillance above shelving. When used in busy corridors such as hospitals, schools and factories the risk of collisions is significantly reduced.

Indoor DeLuxe Half Dome Mirrors

The new DeLuxe Half Dome Mirror is designed for busy corridors and passageways at T-intersections to help avoid collisions. The lightweight vinyl back and lid enclose the cavity so that no dust, garbage or other objects can left inside and will not require any constant cleaning out. Ideal in hospitals, office buildings, factories and schools, this new innovation is the most effective way to improve safety.

Indoor Quarter Dome Convex Mirror

Indoor Quarter Dome Mirrors

The Quarter Dome Mirror is suitable for corridors or internal corners where there is a high risk of collision. This long life quality mirror is simple to install and at a very competitive price. When space is at a premium in retail stores, the Quarter Dome is fitted to the ceiling in 90o corners for optimal viewing over shelving and fixtures.

Anti-Vandal Stainless Steel Range

These Unbreakable Stainless Steel Mirrors are manufactured from highly polished Stainless Steel and will give a bright, clear, distortion free reflection. Ideal for preventing collisions in harsh industrial situations or in public areas which may be prone to vandalism.

Portable Mirror with Stand photo

Portable Mirror With Stand

The Portable Workshop Convex Mirror is lightweight and easy to position in automotive workshops and vehicle testing stations. The high visibility surround makes it stand out for safe handling. An easy, safe way to check headlamps, indicators and break lamps on vehicles.