Indoor Dome Convex Mirror and Fixings


Indoor Full Dome Mirrors

The Ceiling Dome is probably the most effective surveillance method and deterrent to retail theft due to its large 360° area of reflection. In retail areas, when strategically placed, domes can be positioned above aisles and junctions for wide area surveillance and can even be used in some areas with ceiling hung banners.

This Full Dome mirror can assist surveillance of large areas in factories and warehouses where storage and high shelving obcur the vision of staff and forklift trucks at busy intersections.



  • 2mm or 3mm acrylic face
  • Pure reflective coating
  • Dome top screws for attaching to ceiling
  • Suspension kit for hanging from high ceilings


Suitable Uses

  • Retail and Security
  • Office Cubicle Surveillance
  • Four-way intersections in buildings
  • Above high shelving and isles
  • Factory and warehouse crossroads




Indoor Full Dome Position



Product Code Size Diameter View Distance Mirror Face Mirror Back Bracket Length
18585H 600mm Up to 6m 2mm Acrylic None None
18590H 900mm Up to 9m 2mm Acrylic None None
18596H 1200mm Up to 16m 3mm Acrylic None None
Product Code Size Diameter View Distance Mirror Face Mirror Back Bracket Length
68542H 18" Up 10' 2mm Acrylic None None
68584H 24" Up to 20' 2mm Acrylic None None
68589H 36" Up to 30' 2mm Acrylic None None

Installation Guide

Indoor Full Dome Convex Mirror Installation Guide:

  1. Decide the appropriate place to site the mirror to give maximum vision.

  2. Dome capped screws are supplied for fixing directly to the ceiling.

  3. Indoor Full Dome Fixed

    In the case of a high ceiling, a suspension kit is supplied to suspend to the ultimate height.

    Indoor Full Dome Suspended
  4. After the job is complete, totally remove the protective film from the face.


As an indication, the ultimate height from the floor to the bottom of the dome is:

Size Model


Viewing Area



20 - 30m2



30 - 40m2



45 - 55m2


Download Installation Guide pdf.

Cleaning Guide

Acrylic Mirror Cleaning Guide:

General Cleaning:
DuraVisionTM recommend cleanning their acrylic mirror faces with soap and water and then with a clean, soft, lint free, damp cloth. Use a non-abrasive polish, such as Johnson’s Pledge or Mr Sheen for a clear bright reflection.

Saturate a clean soft cloth with polish, then spray the mirror face with polish. Wipe the wetted cloth over the mirror surface. With a another clean dry cloth buff the mirror face until it is clear of polish.


  • abrasives
  • acids
  • solvents such as petrol and laquer thinners

Graffiti Removal:
Any graffiti should be removed from the mirror face as soon as possible and preferably within 24 hours. To remove graffiti, use a non-abrasive substance such as De-Solv-it Stain Remover. Not all graffiti cleaning agents are suitable. Failure to use an approved cleaning agent may damage the mirror surface.

To remove scratches or repair blemishes on acrylic mirror faces only, use the following products:

  • For cleaning use NOVUS plastic polish #1
  • For fine scratches use NOVUS plastic polish #2
  • For badly scratched surfaces use NOVIS plastic polish #3 followed by #2 and #1.


Download Acrylic Mirror Cleaning Guide pdf.

Additional Images

Indoor Full Dome Office

Indoor Full Dome Office

Indoor Full Dome Industrial

Indoor Full Dome Industrial

Indoor Full Dome Retail

Indoor Full Dome Retail