Gold Flat Mirror Sheet

As well as Silver mirrored acrylic flat sheet, DuraVision can now offer coloured mirror sheet, which is coated as requested (please note minimum quantities below). We use 99.9% pure Aluminium on mirror grade sheet so this high quality virgin acrylic is recognised as being the clearest and most UV stable on the world market and has a guarantee that no reground or cross contaminated material is used.

Premium Quality Vacuum "Super-Tough Metal Mirror Backing Paint" is applied to offer mirror back protection and extended corrosion resitance.

Coloured mirror sheets are available in a thickness of 3mm (0.118") only.

Part No. 24125 - Colour: Gold - Sheet Size: 2440x1220x3mm

PLEASE NOTE: Minimum of 200 sheets applies.

Cleaning Guide

Acrylic Mirror Cleaning Guide:

General Cleaning:
Convex Security Mirrors recommend cleanning their acrylic mirror faces with soap and water and then with a clean, soft, lint free, damp cloth. Use a non-abrasive polish, such as Johnson’s Pledge or Mr Sheen for a clear bright reflection.

Saturate a clean soft cloth with polish, then spray the mirror face with polish. Wipe the wetted cloth over the mirror surface. With a another clean dry cloth buff the mirror face until it is clear of polish.


  • abrasives
  • acids
  • solvents such as petrol and laquer thinners

Graffiti Removal:
Any graffiti should be removed from the mirror face as soon as possible and preferably within 24 hours. To remove graffiti, use a non-abrasive substance such as De-Solv-it Stain Remover. Not all graffiti cleaning agents are suitable. Failure to use an approved cleaning agent may damage the mirror surface.

To remove scratches or repair blemishes on acrylic mirror faces only, use the following products:

  • For cleaning use NOVUS plastic polish #1
  • For fine scratches use NOVUS plastic polish #2
  • For badly scratched surfaces use NOVIS plastic polish #3 followed by #2 and #1.