Silver Flat Mirror Sheet

DuraVision™ now has the technology to offer premium quality flat acrylic mirrored sheet. We use 99.9% pure Aluminium on mirror grade sheet, so this high quality virgin acrylic is recognised as being the clearest and most UV stable on the world market and has a guarantee that no reground or cross contaminated material is used.

Premium Quality Vacuum "Super-Tough Metal Mirror Backing Paint" is applied to offer mirror back protection and extended corrosion resitance.

Silver mirror sheets are available in thicknesses of 2mm (0.080") and 3mm (0.118").

Part No. 24122 - Sheet Size: 2440x1220x2mm

Part No. 24120 - Sheet Size: 2440x1220x3mm

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 200 sheets applies for both thicknesses.

Installation Guide

General Installation and Fabrication:

  • During installation and fabrication work, masking should be left on to protect the surface from scratches.
  • The sheets should be stored in a horizontal position and a cool, dry place and wrapped in plastic to minimize water absorption.
  • Acrylic mirror can be cold formed, thermoforming is not an option.
  • Mirrored products are not recommended for exterior use, if the need arises and the product is used outdoors, seal the outside edge with sealant to keep moisture from attacking the mirror backing.
  • Mirror sheets can be easily cut to any shape or size using standard acrylic fabricating techniques common within the industry.
  • Mirrored acrylic is an Aluminium reflective layer applied to the substrate. When the substrate is affixed to another surface, both of these materials will in time confirm to the irregularities of the supporting surface. Irregular mounting surfaces will cause localized bending of the mirrored sheet and distortion will occur in the reflected image.


Fixing Using Tape:

Tapes should be laid in strips and kept away from all mirrored edges by 50mm.
No pre-primers should be used on the mirror backing paint.
Paper backing on all double sided tapes should be removed immediately.

Suggested Tapes:

  • 3M VHB 4941
  • Stylus 740


Fixing Using Adhesives:

Apply strips of adhesives, do not loop and should be approx. 80mm apart, never in blobs and 50mm from mirror edges. When mirror is pressed onto wall, strips of adhesive must not spread into, or touch one another. Do not seal around the edges of the sheet for approx. 10 days to allow air circulation.

Suggested Adhesives:

  • Selleys liquid nails for MIRROR-METAL-GLASS.
  • Bostik V60
  • Everflex “Mirror Mate”


Important Notice:

As some adhesives/tapes may attack the mirror surface, only use adhesives/tapes that are recommended by the manufacturer as suitable for use on acrylic mirror. Using an incorrect adhesive will destroy the mirror coating. Therefore, if in doubt, it is important to test adhesives on expendable pieces for at least 72 hours prior, to determine suitability.

Please view our WARRANTY for Terms and Conditions of Use.

Cleaning Guide

General Cleaning:

Bennett Mirror Technologies recommend cleanning their acrylic mirror sheet with soap and water and then with a clean, soft, lint free, damp cloth. Use a non-abrasive polish, such as Johnson’s Pledge or Mr Sheen for a clear bright reflection.

Saturate a clean soft cloth with polish, then spray the mirror sheet with polish. Wipe the wetted cloth over the mirror surface. With a another clean dry cloth buff the mirror face until it is clear of polish.


  • abrasives
  • acids
  • solvents such as petrol and laquer thinners

Graffiti Removal:
Any graffiti should be removed from the mirror sheet as soon as possible and preferably within 24 hours. To remove graffiti, use a non-abrasive substance such as De-Solv-it Stain Remover. Not all graffiti cleaning agents are suitable. Failure to use an approved cleaning agent may damage the mirror surface.

To remove scratches or repair blemishes on acrylic mirror sheet, use the following products:

  • For cleaning use NOVUS plastic polish #1
  • For fine scratches use NOVUS plastic polish #2
  • For badly scratched surfaces use NOVIS plastic polish #3 followed by #2 and #1.