DuraVision Half Dome Comparison

15/09/2019 4:00 p.m.

DuraVision Half Dome Mirrors have a far superior design for maximum wide angle viewing.

Half Dome Comparison Diagram
Half Dome Mirrors For Hospitals
DuraVision’s Half Dome 180o mirrors have a specifically designed curvature. This scientifically engineered curvature gives the “maximum usable reflective surface for a wide-angle view” and more importantly, a “larger image size”. The photo on the left shows the image of the corridor fills almost the entire mirror face.
Other Half Dome 180o mirror manufacturers are inferior because their curvature is too great. Their mirrors reflect “50% of unusable wall and ceiling area” resulting in the images being up to “50% smaller”. The photo on the right shows the deep curve of these mirrors which reflect a small image of the room and a large part of the wall and ceiling.

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