Lookunder Vehicle Inspection Mirror Feature


Lookunder Vehicle Inspection Mirrors

DuraVision™ lookunder inspection mirrors are designed for rolling under vehicles and large objects to view and inspect areas which are difficult to see underneath. This mirror features either three or four castor wheels to allow the mirror to be easily maneuvered. The extra deep convex mirror ensures a maximum viewing area. Comes complete with fully adjustable handle and drawstring protection bag.



  • 2mm acrylic mirror face
  • Pure reflective coating
  • ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) back for added strength
  • Large radius of curvature provides wider area of vision
  • castor wheels for easy positioning in location
  • Telescopic handle made from durable, lightweight aluminium
  • Handle features twist-lock for extension and hanging hole for easy storage
  • Draw-cord protective bag in heavy duty nylon with fleece liner to protect mirror
  • Optional base light with hinge plate provides up-lighting to area required


Suitable Uses

  • Under and around vehicles
  • Bomb inspectin
  • Customs and security checkpoints
  • Police and military services




Lookunder Mirror Positioning



Product Code Size Diameter View Distance Mirror Face Mirror Back Bracket Length
LM300HS 300mm Up to 3m 2mm Acrylic ACM 0.6m-1.2m
LM300HL 300mm Up to 3m 2mm Acrylic ACM 1m-2m
LM450HS 450mm Up to 4m 2mm Acrylic ACM 0.6m-1.2m
LM450HL 450mm Up to 4m 2mm Acrylic ACM 1m-2m
Product Code Size Diameter View Distance Mirror Face Mirror Back Bracket Length
68745 18" Up to 13' 2mm Acrylic ACM 40" - 80"

Installation Guide

Lookunder Telescopic Inspection Mirror Guide:

1. Assemble as per diagram shown below.

2. Tension Nyloc Nut as necessary (do not over tighten, as damage may occur to aluminium handle).


Lookunder Telescopic Inspection Mirror Assembly


Download Installation Guide pdf.

Cleaning Guide

Acrylic Mirror Cleaning Guide:

General Cleaning:
DuraVision™ recommend cleanning their acrylic mirror faces with soap and water and then with a clean, soft, lint free, damp cloth. Use a non-abrasive polish, such as Johnson’s Pledge or Mr Sheen for a clear bright reflection.

Saturate a clean soft cloth with polish, then spray the mirror face with polish. Wipe the wetted cloth over the mirror surface. With a another clean dry cloth buff the mirror face until it is clear of polish.


  • abrasives
  • acids
  • solvents such as petrol and laquer thinners

Graffiti Removal:
Any graffiti should be removed from the mirror face as soon as possible and preferably within 24 hours. To remove graffiti, use a non-abrasive substance such as De-Solv-it Stain Remover. Not all graffiti cleaning agents are suitable. Failure to use an approved cleaning agent may damage the mirror surface.

Additional Images

Lookunder Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Lookunder Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Bomb Inspection Mirror

Bomb Inspection Mirror